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Initial funding is needed to launch CryptoCrosswords. I have personally donated all the time and effort to create the product and launch a beta version available at

Now funding is needed to provide the crossword rewards for the first 6 months. The goal is to create weekly puzzles for the first 26 weeks with equivalent to USD $20 per week.

Additional funds are needed for marketing exercises in partnership with Ardor-NXT Group.

CryptoCrosswords Fundraising and Launch

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CryptoCrosswords is a new blockchain puzzle project that rewards solvers with cryptocurrencies.

Each crossword is linked to a cryptocurrency wallet. When the puzzle is correctly solved, the solution is the passphrase to the associated wallet. Solving the puzzle results in funds automatically transferring to the winner!

The long term goals of CryptoCrosswords:

– provide a risk-free and easy pathway to owning cryptocurrencies for no-coiners

– introduce developers and crypto enthusiasts to the Ardor ecosystem

– provide pay-outs automatically without any personal data required

CryptoCrosswords Business Plan:

– create and release beta to select users (done)

– public beta (launching July 2019)

– fundraise for initial puzzle rewards and marketing

– build email list by announcing new puzzles to email subscribers before public release

– sell advertisements on the site, initially from Google AdWords, then transitioning to private ads as interest grows

– sell clues to unsolved puzzles

– offer buy-in puzzles, that are only released to individuals buying access to specific puzzles

– list puzzles with rewards in other tokens and cryptocurrencies. CryptoCrosswords will remain Ardor-centric but token-agnostic.

– help support Jelurida and Ardor-NXT Group efforts

– use income to fuel progressively larger rewards for weekly free puzzles



$20.00 or more

Personal recognition on the puzzle page that you sponsored. A new puzzle will be credited to you for each $20 increment donated. Users who wish to remain anonymous can opt out.

August, 2019

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